List of all tops, by name of summit

This list combines the historic tops and the modern tops, and is also the only list on here to include the ‘Bonus’ one on St Helena. As there are some Tops which only appear on one list or the other, there are 203 (+1) in this full list, organised in alphabetical order by the name of the summit. In some cases names are unofficial, or alternative names may exist. The justification for this list is laid out on the “About” page of this blog.

Rankings are by altitude in this combined list. County names in italics are historic counties that no longer exist, so if no modern location is also specified then the Top is a historic top only. I have also indicated some superlatives (highest, lowest and furthest north/south/east/west).

Rower on the Derwent
On the River Derwent, near Allestree Park, Derby
  • Allestree Park, Derby [pictured]. 443ft/135m [161st of 203 by altitude]. Bagged as top #12, 14th June 2020.
  • Aran Fawddwy, Merionethshire. 2,969ft/905m [16th].
  • Arbury Hill, Northamptonshire. 738ft/225m [129th].
  • The Ashes, Lincolnshire, Parts of Kesteven. 495ft/151m [152nd]. #61, 25th November 2022.
  • Ashley Hill, Windsor and Maidenhead. 472ft/144m [155th].
  • Bald Hill, Oxfordshire (historic). 843ft/257m [113th]. #56, 17th July 2022.
  • Bardon Hill, Leicestershire. 912ft/278m [104th].
  • Barr Beacon, Walsall. 745ft/227m [127th].
  • Bassett Avenue, Southampton. 269ft/82m [186th].
  • Beacon Hill, Norfolk. 343ft/105m [176th — the easternmost of all the Tops]. #23, 25th December 2020.
Ben Lawers, the CT of Perthshire.
  • Beacon Hill, Torbay. 643ft/196m [135th]. (The only Top name which is duplicated.)
  • Ben Cleuch, Clackmannanshire. 2,365ft/721m [37th]. #5, 29th October 2019.
  • Ben Cruachan, Argyll and Bute. 3,694ft/1,126m [7th].
  • Ben Lawers, Perthshire [pictured]. 3,983ft/1,214m [3rd]. #39, 16th August 2021.
  • Ben Lomond, Stirlingshire. 3,196ft/974m [13th].
  • Ben Macdhui, summit of both Aberdeenshire and Banffshire (historic), and Aberdeenshire and Moray (modern). 4,295ft/1,309m [2nd].
  • Ben More, Stirling (modern). 3,852ft/1,174m [5th — the highest Top that is not a historic top].
  • Ben More Assynt, Sutherland. 3,274ft/998m [11th].
Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe
Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe emerges under the clouds, on the descent from Ben Nevis
The summit of Blackstone Edge.
  • Blackstone Edge (pictured), Rochdale. 1,549ft/472m [75th]. #24, 31st January & 7th March 2021.
  • Blagdon Hill, North Somerset. 787ft/240m [124th].
  • Boldon Hills, South Tyneside. 295ft/90m [181st].
  • Boring Field (sic), Huntingdonshire. 263ft/80m [189th].
  • Boultbee’s Wood, Solihull. 607ft/185m [137th].
  • Bow Brickhill Heath, Milton Keynes. 561ft/171m [143rd].
  • Bowsey Hill, Wokingham. 449ft/137m [159th].
  • Boy Hill, Stockton-on-Tees. 269ft/82m [187th].
  • Breeze Hill, Sefton. 144ft/44m [197th].
  • Brimmond Hill, Aberdeen City. 873ft/266m [108th]. #51, 22nd May 2022.
  • Broad Law, summit of both Peeblesshire and Selkirkshire (historic) and Scottish Borders (modern). 2,760ft/840m [20th].
  • Brown Clee Hill, Shropshire. 1,772ft/540m [62nd].
  • Brown Willy, Cornwall. 1,378ft/420m [83rd].
  • Bull Hill and Scholes Height, Bury. 1,362ft/415m [84th].
The stone marking Horncliffe Well, up on Burley Moor, Leeds.
  • Burley Moor, Leeds (pictured). 1,115ft/340m [90th]. #29, 27th March 2021.
  • Burnhope Seat, Durham (historic), 2,447ft/746m [34th]. #13, 11th July 2020.
  • Bushey Heath, Middlesex. 501ft/153m [151st]. #44, 30th January 2022.
  • Butterfield Green Road, Luton. 584ft/178m [139th].
  • Cadair Berwyn, Denbighshire. 2,726ft/830m [21st]. #54, 1st July 2022.
  • Cairn Hill West Top (Hangingstone Hill), Roxburghshire. 2,438ft/743m [35th].
  • Cairnpapple Hill (south top), West Lothian (historic). 1,024ft/312m [95th].
  • Carn a’ Ghille Chearr, Moray (historic). 2,330ft/710m [38th].
  • Carn Eige, Ross and Cromarty. 3,881ft/1,183m [4th — the highest Top that is not a modern top].
The summit of Carn Glas-choire, Top of historic Nairnshire.
  • Carn Glas-choire (pictured), Nairnshire. 2.162ft/659m [44th]. #52, 24th May 2022.
  • Carnedd Llewellyn, Conwy. 3,491ft/1,064m [10th].
  • Cathkin Braes, Glasgow. 656ft/200m [133rd].
  • Cawney Hill, Dudley. 823ft/251m [115th].
  • Cheeks Hill, Staffordshire. 1,705ft/520m [68th].
  • The Cheviot, Northumberland. 2,674ft/815m [24th].
  • Chrishall Common, Essex. 482ft/147m [153rd].
  • Chwarel y Fan, Monmouthshire. 2,228ft/680m [42nd].
  • Cinder Hill, Wolverhampton. 781ft/238m [125th].
  • Cleeve Hill, Gloucestershire. 1,082ft/330m [91st]. #3, 10th August 2019.
  • Cllisham, Western Isles. 2,621ft/799m [26th — the westernmost of all the Tops].
Clare and Joe on the top of Corse Hill, highest point in East Renfrewshire.
View to the Galloway Hills, on the way up Craig Airie Fell.
Fordoles Head Lane summit
The summit of Fordoles Head Lane, the highest point in Doncaster.
  • Earl’s Seat, East Dunbartonshire. 1,896ft/578m [53rd].
  • East Cairn Hill, Edinburgh. 1,860ft/567m [55th].
  • East Mount Avenue and Bransholme, Kingston upon Hull. 36ft/11m [201st].
  • Ebrington Hill, Warwickshire. 856ft/261m [110th]. #36, 14th July 2021.
  • Fan Foel, Carmarthenshire. 2,562ft/781m [30th].
  • Fir Hill, Rotherham. 515ft/157m [150th].
  • Foel Cwmcerwyn, Pembrokeshire. 1,760ft/536m [63rd — the westernmost Top on the mainland].
  • Fordoles Head Lane [pictured above], Doncaster. 472ft/144m [156th]. #42, 25th October 2021.
  • Garrel Hill, North Lanarkshire. 1,506ft/459m [76th]. #58, 10th September 2022.
  • Garth Hill, Cardiff. 1,007ft/307m [97th].
  • Gisborough Moor, Redcar and Cleveland. 1,079ft/329m [92nd].
  • Glas Maol, Angus [pictured]. 3.504ft/1.068m [9th]. #38, 14th August 2021.
  • Goat Fell, Bute/North Ayrshire. 2,867ft/874m [18th — the highest Top on a satellite island of Britain (there are higher summits on other islands, but not higher County Tops)].
View into Glen Shee, from the ascent of Glas Maol.
  • Great Chishill, Cambridgeshire. 479ft/146m [154th].
  • Great Rhos, Radnorshire. 2,166ft/660m [43rd]
  • Great Wood, West Suffolk/Suffolk. 420ft/128m [167th].
  • Green Hill (Leck Fell), Lancashire (modern). 2,060ft/628m [47th].
  • Greenheys, Salford. 380ft/116m [170th].
  • Haddenham, Isle of Ely. 115ft/35m [198th].
  • Haddington Hill, Buckinghamshire. 875ft/267m [107th]. #8, 12th February 2020.
  • Hampstead Heath, County of London. 440ft/134m [162nd].
  • Hanging Hill, South Gloucestershire. 778ft/237m [126th]. #21, 9th December 2020.
  • Harrold Park Farm, Bedford. 348ft/106m [175th].
  • Hatton Lane Farm, Warrington. 279ft/85m [185th].
  • Heaton Park, Manchester. 354ft/108m [173rd]. #40, 1st September 2021.
  • Helvellyn [pictured in this page’s banner image]Westmorland. 3,117ft/950m [14th].
  • High Holborn/Chancery Lane, City of London. 71ft/22m [200th].
Hedge tunnel
Hedge tunnel, on Holly Hill, summit of Medway.
  • High Willhays, Devon. 2,037ft/621m [48th].
  • Hill of Stake, Renfrewshire. 1,713ft/522m [67th].
  • Hoarstone Edge, Tameside. 1,631ft/497m [72nd].
  • Holly Hill, Medway [pictured above]. 558ft/170m [144th]. #17, 9th September 2020.
  • Holme Fen, UK low point. -9ft/-2.75m [203rd — obviously the lowest of all points listed here].
  • Holyhead Mountain, Anglesey. 722ft/220m [130th]. #1, 22nd June 2019.
  • Howden Edge, Barnsley. 1,686ft/514m [70th].
  • Innerdouny Hill, Kinross-shire. 1,631ft/497m [71st].
  • Killingworth, North Tyneside. 282ft/86m [184th].
  • Kinder Scout, Derbyshire. 2,087ft/636m [46th].
  • Kirriereoch Hill, Ayrshire (historic) and South Ayrshire (modern). 2,566ft/782m [29th]. #49, 20th March 2022.
View from Westley Heights
The view to the Thames estuary from Langdon Hills, Thurrock.
  • Langdon Hills, Thurrock [pictured]. 384ft/117m [168th]. #16, 31st July 2020.
  • Langley Hill, Reading. 335ft/102m [177th].
  • Leith Hill, Surrey. 965ft/294m [100th].
  • Lewesdon Hill, Dorset. 915ft/279m [103rd].
  • Liddington Castle, Swindon. 909ft/277m [105th].
  • London Road, Southend-on-Sea. 200ft/61m [193rd].
  • Mapperley, Nottingham. 427ft/130m [165th]. #37, 3rd August 2021.
  • Margery Hill, Sheffield. 1,798ft/548m [59th].
  • Meikle Says Law, East Lothian (historically, also Berwickshire). 1,755ft/535m [65th].
  • Meir Heath, Stoke-on-Trent. 820ft/250m [116th].
  • Mellor Moor, Stockport. 1,073ft/327m [93rd].
  • Merrick (pictured), Kirkcudbrightshire (historic) and Dumfries and Galloway (modern). 2,766ft/843m [19th]. #48, 20th March 2022.
The trig point on the summit of Merrick, the highest point in southern Scotland.
  • Mickle Fell, Yorkshire (North Riding)/Durham (modern). 2,585ft/788m [28th].
  • Milk Hill, Wiltshire. 967ft/295m [99th].
  • Moel Famau, Flintshire. 1.820ft/555m [58th]. #34, 19th June 2021.
  • Moel Sych, Montgomeryshire. 2,713ft/827m [22nd]. #53, 1st July 2022.
  • Morven, Caithness. 2,316ft/706m [39th — the northernmost Top on the mainland].
  • Le Moulin, Bailiwick of Guernsey. 374ft/114m [171st].
  • Mount Battock, Kincardineshire. 2,552ft/778m [31st]. #41, 12th September 2021.
  • Mynydd Varteg Fawr, Torfaen. 1,785ft/544m [60th].
  • Mynydd y Betws, Swansea. 1,227ft/374m [88th].
  • Nether Hall, Leicester. 361ft/110m [172nd].
God's Golf Ball
God’s Golf Ball. Or, the radar station near the summit of Normanby Top in Lincolnshire.
  • Newtonwood Lane, Nottinghamshire. 673ft/205m [132nd].
  • Niver Hill, Bath and N. E. Somerset. 853ft/260m [111th].
  • Normanby Top [pictured], Lincolnshire, Parts of Lindsey/Lincolnshire. 551ft/168m [145th]. #9, 11th March 2020.
  • Pantylladron, Vale of Glamorgan. 449ft/137m [160th — the lowest Top in Wales].
  • Pavis Wood, Hertfordshire. 800ft/244m [121st]. #7, 12th February 2020.
  • Pen Pumlumon Fawr, Cardiganshire. 2,467ft/752m [32nd].
  • Pen y Fan, Brecknockshire/Powys. 2,906ft/886m [17th].
  • Pilot Hill, Hampshire. 938ft/286m [101st].
  • Pinchbeck Marsh, Lincolnshire, Parts of Holland. 26ft/8m [202nd — excluding the UK low point at Holme Fen, the lowest actual County Top in England, and the lowest of all the Tops both historic and modern]
  • Les Platons, Bailiwick of Jersey. 469ft/143m [157th — the southernmost of all the Tops].
  • Poll Hill, Wirral [pictured]. 354ft/108m [174th]. #43, 5th January 2022.
View on the way up Poll Hill, the summit of the Wirral.
  • Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth. 430ft/131m [163rd]. #60, 22nd October 2022.
  • Quarry Hill, Middlesbrough. 328ft/100m [179th].
  • Racecourse Road, Soke of Peterborough/Peterborough. 266ft/81m [186th]. #22, 22nd December 2020.
  • Raw Head, Cheshire West and Chester. 745ft/227m [128th].
  • Redmires Hill, Darlington. 715ft/218m [131st].
  • Rednal Hill, Birmingham. 820ft/250m [117th].
  • Ronas Hill, Shetland. 1,480ft/450m [79th — the northernmost of all the tops].
  • Runcorn Hill, Halton. 256ft/78m [191st].
  • Saxby Wold, North Lincolnshire. 335ft/102m [178th]. #19, 4th November 2020.
  • St Boniface Down, Isle of Wight. 791ft/241m [123rd].
  • Scafell Pike, Cumberland/Cumbria. 3,210ft/978m [12th — the highest mountain in England].
  • Shining Tor, Cheshire East. 1,834ft/559m [57th].
On Surrey Hill, highest point of Bracknell Forest.
  • Snaefell, Isle of Man. 2,037ft/621m [49th].
  • Snowdon, Caernarfonshire/Gwynedd. 3,560ft/1,085m [8th — the highest mountain in Wales].
  • Stock Hill, York. 144ft/44m [196th]. #57, 9th August 2022.
  • Surrey Hill, Bracknell Forest (pictured above). 426ft/130m [166th]. (The only Top to be named after a county that is different to the one in which the summit lies.) #63, 13th February 2023.
  • Telegraph, Isles of Scilly. 167ft/51m [194th — the lowest Top on a satellite island]. #64, 10th March 2023.
  • Turner’s Hill, Sandwell. 889ft/271m [106th].
  • Twyn Ffynhonnay Goerion, Blaenau Gwent. 1,906ft/581m [52nd].
  • Twyn Pwll Morlais, summit of both Caerphilly and Merthyr Tydfil. 1,755ft/535m [64th].
  • Walbury Hill, West Berkshire. 974ft/297m [98th].
  • Warbreck, Blackpool. 98ft/30m [199th].
  • Ward Hill, Orkney. 1,578ft/481m [74th].
  • Warden Law (pictured), Sunderland. 563ft/173m [142nd]. #30, 9th April 2021.
  • Way Stone Edge, Calderdale. 1,581ft/482m [73rd].
The rather distinctive view from the summit of Warden Law.

  • Wentwood, Newport. 1,014ft/309m [96th].
  • Werfa, Bridgend. 1,864ft/568m [54th].
  • West Cairn Hill, West Lothian (modern). 1,843ft/562m [56th].
  • West Hill, Brighton and Hove. 640ft/195m [136th].
  • West Lomond, Fife. 1,713ft/522m [66th]. #62, 8th January 2023.
  • Westerham Heights, Greater London. 804ft/245m [120th]. #45, 13th February 2022.
  • Westerhope, Newcastle. 430ft/131m [164th].
  • Wexham Park Lane, Slough. 148ft/45m [195th].
  • Whelly Hill, Hartlepool. 466ft/142m [158th].
  • Whernside, Yorkshire (West Riding)/North Yorkshire. 2,415ft/736m [36th].
  • White Coomb (pictured), Dumfriesshire. 2,694ft/821m [23rd]. #19, 18th September 2020.
White Coomb above Loch Skeen
White Coomb above Loch Skeen.
The Wrekin
The Wrekin, from the road to Little Wenlock.